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Creating a User AccountΒΆ

All user accounts in the SchoolTool system are referred to as People. SchoolTool Administrative Roles, along with associated permissions and access privileges, may be provisioned by adding people to Groups.

To create a new Person account, you must be logged in as a member of Clerks or Site Managers. Select the School tab at the top of the page, then click on People to end up here:


Under Add in the sidebar, you have shortcuts for some common Groups, such as School Administrators, Students, and Teachers. Selecting the generic user role, Person, allows you to choose a different initial Group, or no Group, for the new user account. We’ll just use the basic Add: Person form this time:

_images/user-1.png _images/user-2.png

Most of the fields are optional, except for the fields marked with green asterisks: first name, last name, and username. For now, just put in your basic information and a password. We’ll go into much more detail concerning the rest of this form later.

Click Submit and you should see:


You should now be able to Log Out by following the link at the upper right, and Log In as your new user, at which point you should see the Person’s calendar (if you haven’t changed the default view under Server Settings).