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Importing and Exporting from SpreadsheetΒΆ

To import or export data from a spreadsheet, you must be logged in as a member of Clerks or Site Managers. Select the School tab, and click on the Import XLS link in the sidebar:


The “What is this?” sidebar contains links to three spreadsheets, of which one is empty, and two are populated with sample data. The empty spreadsheet is documented by a complete set of tooltips – hover the mouse pointer over a row or column header for further explanation of its function.

Note that importing large_sample_data.xls creates a database file of approximately 230 megabytes, and a temporary file the same size, so you’ll need a free half gigabyte of disk space if you want to generate everything at once. This is also much more memory intensive than routine use of SchoolTool. A server with less than 512 MB of RAM will go heavily into virtual memory – and, if there is little or no swap partition, this may cause the memory-starved server to start killing processes to free memory.

While data is being imported from the spreadsheet you’ll see a little notifier on the page:


After a successful import, you will be sent back to the main School page:


large_sample_data.xls creates a full school of 1000 students and two years of section enrollments. sample_data.xls has 466 students but only six teachers and a handful of sections (budget cuts). Users are either “student” or “teacher” followed by a three digit number (for example, “student000” or “teacher001”), and their passwords are the same as their ID’s.

To export data to a spreadsheet, navigate to the School tab, select Reports: School Export in the sidebar menu, and click on the Download button to confirm the dialog:


Your browser will download an Excel format file (readable by LibreOffice and most other current spreadsheet applications) named export.xls.

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