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Accessing SchoolTool from Other Computers

A newly installed SchoolTool server is not accessible over the network by default.

To allow access to SchoolTool from other computers

Edit /etc/schooltool/standard/paste.ini as root. For example:

$ sudo vim /etc/schooltool/standard/paste.ini

Change the host to

host =

And restart SchoolTool:

$ sudo service schooltool restart

Look up the server’s IP or hostname, and try to connect to it from another computer. Don’t forget to include the port number (e.g.,

You will most likely want to make SchoolTool available on port 80, but this port is reserved for the web server. You will have to configure a virtual host or a path in the web server’s configuration. See Apache configuration.

To close SchoolTool’s port

If SchoolTool is not intended to be used by others, or is configured to run via an Apache proxy, you can close the port schooltool server listens to.

Edit the paste.ini file as described above, setting it to read:

host =