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Adding People

Passwords and Logins

If you do not set a password for a Person, they will not be able to log in. SchoolTool is designed to allow students to log in and use SchoolTool to manage their calendar, view grades, etc. Whether or not students are given passwords determines if they can log into your SchoolTool instance.


This allows you to designate a teacher as an advisor for another Person. This may give the Advisor more access to information about this student, and is used in the Intervention component.

Methods of Adding People

Web Forms

You can add one Person at a time via the web interface using the same procedure covered in Creating a User Account. In this case we’ll use the Add: Student link:

_images/persons-0.png _images/persons-1.png

Note that the Submit and Add button takes you directly to another Add form of the same type. Use this when you’re adding many People to the system at once. Submit will take you to the new Person’s page:


The main content area for a Person is an “accordion” with different sections that slide open vertically. We’ll cover each section in turn as we continue through more aspects of SchoolTool.

CSV Import

This is a simple way to import Person usernames, first names, last names and passwords. It does not add any other demographic data.

To import user data from a CSV, you must be logged in as “manager.” Select the School tab and click on People. Then click the Import: Import CSV link. As explained on this form, you can either upload a CSV file or use the textbox to directly type or paste your data:


Submit and return to the People index:


XLS Import

Importing and Exporting from Spreadsheet is another method of importing People. The one trick here is that if you have changed the demographic schema (as shown in Advanced Timetabling) you should first do an XLS Export to get a worksheet that has your new fields in the correct sequence. Add your People and re-import the worksheet.