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In SchoolTool, Groups are used to model some default roles in a school, as well as allowing a wide variety of custom groups to be created to suit local needs.

In particular:

  • Groups have their own calendars;
  • you can run reports for the members of a Group;
  • Groups are useful for adding a specific set of students to multiple class sections.

The default SchoolTool Administrative Roles are Site Managers, Clerks and School Administrators with certain site-wide privileges. Teachers and Students are also default groups that affect the user’s interface and visibility in various forms and searches, but not important permissions.

Groups are stored by Year. That is, each school year has its own set of Groups. For example, you may have one “Students” Group for Year “2008-2009” and a separate “Students” group for Year “2009-2010.”

Note that you must create Years before you can do anything with Groups. See Creating Years.

Groups can be managed through the web, imported via CSV or by Importing and Exporting from Spreadsheet.

Adding People to Existing Groups

In Adding People, we imported some People via CSV who have not been assigned to Groups. We’re going to add all of them to the “Students” Group.

In order to add People to a Group, you must be logged in as a member of Site Managers or Clerks. Navigate to the School tab, and click on the Groups link:


From here, select Students:


First we will “manually” add our small group of students. Click on the yellow pencil icon next to Members:


We’ll check the boxes next to our students. We will leave Set selected to Enrolled for now to indicate they are enrolled as students as of the date selected under Effective date (the current date by default):


Click Add:


Then click Done to get back to the main page for the Group.

If you click on one of the students’ names and then their Groups slider, you’ll see their memberships listed:


Editing Group Membership

Withdrawing or otherwise changing existing group memberships is done as above, but by selecting students from the list of Current Members and seting them to a different state, such as Withdrawn or Graduated/Inactive.

Customizing Membership Relationships

On the School page, under Customize, you can select Membership States to customize the states of different types of relationships.


For example, click Student Enrollment.


In each type of relationship, there are a few pre-set “meanings” that may affect underlying functionality important to SchoolTool. For example, the basic statuses of student enrollment are defined as:

  • Active (an enrolled student)
  • Inactive (not an enrolled student)
  • Pre-enrolled (essentially an unenrolled applicant or future student)
  • Graduated/Inactive (completed the program and unenrolled)
  • Graduated/Active (completed the program but still enrolled as a stuent)

In addition to these “meanings,” you can create additional statuses with their own Title and Code. For example, in this form you could add an inactive “Transferred” status.


Creating a New Group

From the main Groups view, click Add: Group. Add a relevant title and description:


Add members as above:


You can also assign “Responsible Parties,” who will have permission to modify the Group, add members, and edit the calendar.