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Course Worksheets

Course worksheets are like report sheets for individual courses. That is, a template is defined and then a worksheet is added to all the Sections of the Course for a given term.

There are two ways to define the Worksheet Template for a Course Worksheet. First, a member of Clerks or Site Managers can set it up via the School tab. Or the instructor of a section of the course can simply export a worksheet from his or her gradebook if he or she is one of the “Responsible parties” for the course, or a member of Clerks or Site Managers.

From School

A member of Clerks, Site Managers or the “Responsible parties” for the Course should navigate via School > Courses > to the main page for a course:


As with Report Sheets and Report Cards, the process is to define a template and then deploy it. To make the template, click Worksheet Templates.


Click Add: Course Worksheet and give it a title that will be meaningful to a teacher of the course.


Then use Add: Course Activity to add activities. The form is the same as the regular Add: Activity screen in the gradebook.


And so on...


If this seems tedious, there is another way.

From the Gradebook

To use this method, the same person has to be an instructor in the Course, and a “Responsible party” for the Course, or a member of Clerks or Site Managers. To add a teacher to the “Responsible parties” for the course (and thus not needing to elevate their privileges overall) click on the edit pencil next to Responsible parties on the Course screen and add them much like you add someone to a group or section:


Now, logged in as a “Responsible party” of the Course and Instructor of the one of its Sections, go to the Gradebook Under Actions you should now see Add to Course Worksheets:


Set up a worksheet as you would normally:


Click Actions: Add to Course Worksheets:


You can choose to add this to sections of the course in a single term or all the terms in the year. Usually this would depend on if it is a single semester or full-year course. We’ll pretend this is the unit tests for the first half of a two term course, and just add it to the fall. You can modify the sheet title that will appear in teacher gradebooks for this particular deployment if you’d like.


You now will see the deployed Course Worksheet added to the current section – Course Worksheets are identified by italic type. You can now hide the original template.

This worksheet will be added to all other sections of this Course for the terms indicated.

Managing Course Worksheets

Jumping back to a Clerks account, we’ll look back at the Course page. Clicking on Course Worksheets we see:


We can see the new deployment, and we could add another here using the form, including the first template we created as a Clerk.