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In the case of primary and secondary students – the main focus for SchoolTool – the most important out-of-school contact is with parents, guardians, and other adults responsible for the child. SchoolTool’s Contact system is designed with this case in mind. You can also attach a full or partial set of contact information directly to a person in SchoolTool, for example, to store full contact information for a teacher or adult student, or to add an email address for a student.

Each Person can be linked to one or more Contacts (for example, a parent, step-parent, or other guardian) and each Contact can be linked to one or more People in SchoolTool, so siblings can both reference the same parent Contact.

Creating and managing Contacts

Usually you will create a Contact in reference to a Person. To do so, you must be logged in as a member of Clerks. Go to the School tab, click on People, select a Person, and click on the Contacts header, under General Information:


In the Contacts section, click the Manage Contacts link:


This form presents a list of Contacts for the Person. At first, there are no Contacts in the list. You may add a new Contact, or search for and link to an existing Contact.

Click on Add: New Contact in the sidebar. If we wanted to add contact information for Sally herself (if we wanted to contact her directly, rather than her parents), we’d select Add: Sally Brown as Contact.

This form should be straightforward:

_images/contacts-3.png _images/contacts-4.png

Your new Contact:


Click on the Contact name:


And in the student’s slider:


To add an existing contact to Sally’s record, for example her brother Charlie, we could search for him under Available Contacts:


To add Charlie as Sally’s sibling, check the box next to his name and select Sibling under Set selected to. If you need to indicate the contact relationship changes on a specific date, set it under Effective date.




Contact Index

To view, edit or add to all the Contacts in the system, navigate to the School tab and click on Contacts.


Parent Access

SchoolTool 2.8 adds limited parent login access to SchoolTool. Currently this is enabled on a per contact basis.

To activate login access for a contact user, navigate to the individual contact.

Click Actions > Activate Parent Access:


You will then be prompted to create a Username and password for the Contact.


Click Enable:


You can now log in as the contact user, but there is not much to see as Sally Brown is not enrolled in any sections yet. Once a student is enrolled in sections, the parent can access the student views of the gradebook, attendance journal, and other SchoolTool functionality.

We will be expanding the scope and utility of parent access in future releases.