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Central Authentication Service (CAS) Support

SchoolTool CAS plugin provides support for single sign-on with other applications on a school intranet. If you’re already using CAS at your school, this is a no-brainer. Otherwise, you’ll probably need to do some research on the CAS website first . Note that using CAS authentication requires the installation and maintenance of a CAS authentication server. There are CAS modules for Moodle and other web applications popular in schools.

Enabling CAS in SchoolTool

Install python-schooltool.cas from SchoolTool PPA:

sudo apt-get install python-schooltool.cas

Configure CAS authority (add to configuration):

$ sudo vim /etc/schooltool/standard/schooltool.conf

And add to the file, where “my.cas.server” is replaced by the URL of your CAS server:

%import schooltool.cas
  server https://my.cas.server

Enable plugin:

$ sudo vim /etc/schooltool/standard/plugins/cas.zcml

Put this line (only) in that file:

<include package="schooltool.cas" />

Restart SchoolTool:

$ sudo service schooltool restart

SchoolTool should now redirect logins to your CAS server.