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Changing the Management PasswordΒΆ

The first step is to log in as the “Default Manager,” do a little basic customization and create a user account for yourself. So first go to http://localhost:7080. You should see a blank calendar like this:


Click Log In at the right end of the gray bar, and click the Log in button after entering “manager” as the Username and “schooltool” as the Password:


Next you should change the “Default Manager“‘s password. First click on Home at the top of the screen:


Then click on Password under settings in the left sidebar.

Enter the current password (“schooltool”), enter a new one (twice), and click Apply.


The success message:


Even if you don’t plan to make your SchoolTool server’s web pages accessible from another computer, you should reset the “Default Manager” password to prevent another person with physical access to your computer from accessing your SchoolTool data with the default password.